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Create with style and function: Delve into the world of new trends in interior designing

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You may be seeking ideas to revamp your interiors or want a little interior makeover to give your home a stunning look. Then, it is the right place to transform your home into a haven without satisfying the style and functionality.

Totus is synonymous with the best interior designers in Kochi, changing your home with the upcoming trends in interior design while considering all your requirements.

Interior Designer in Kochi

Discovering the  world of function and style

Shape your kid’s mood with designs: A definitive guide on new trends in kid’s room by the top kid’s room interior designers in Kochi, Kerala

 Kids create memories in their bedrooms. A kids’ bedroom plays a central role in their growing-up experience. That’s why, designed to match their unique personalities. Totus focuses on new trends in kids’ rooms to make a dream-like space for their fantasy world. Totus has a well experienced and qualified kid’s room interior designers in Kochi, Kerala, creating every room unique. With its innovation and uniqueness, Totus holds a prime position among other interior design companies in Kochi.

  • Colourful and vivid patterns in a kid’s room are more inviting and eliminate the monotony that single colours bring. Totus has the top interior designers in Kochi paint your kid’s room wall with vibrant colours. 
  • Using exciting wallpapers on one or two walls can change the look of any room. Our expert kid’s room interior designers in Kochi, Kerala, ensure the wallpaper is water- and scratch-resistant. By using cool wallpapers in bedrooms, add height to the wall.
  •  A bunk bed is an excellent idea to save space. Totus has kid’s room interior designers in Kochi, Kerala, who customise your bunk bed with staircase railing, allowing the child to reach the higher level safely. Place a huge mirror opposite the window to make the room brighter and larger. With the best interior designers in Kochi, Totus customises the bed by satisfying all the requirements.
  •   Use space-saving customised furniture units in kids’ rooms. Change the corner with a creative study table. With the experts of kid’s room interior designers in Kochi, Kerala, Totus customises the furniture and other accessories to attract the attention of anyone entering the room. Totus unleash creative mastery by customising your kid’s room with unique ideas.

Tips for designing your kitchen: Kitchen interior designers in Kochi

When planning for a kitchen space, it can be used practically and functionally and make sure it looks beautiful. Totus designs your kitchen space that ultimately becomes your favourite place in your home. Our excellent kitchen interior designers in Kochi ensure the new trends with elegance and functionality. 

  • Utilise the space with maximum storage. Use the overheads of your cabinets and turn your window sills into storage areas. Utensil organisers and storage cabinets are necessary to make a proper arrangement and easy access. Only the top interior designers in Kochi can turn every corner with a touch of function and style. Totus is blessed with a team of the best interior designers in Kochi, turning your kitchen into the heart of the home.
  •  A classic L-shaped and U-shaped layout with a white marble countertop gives more space for culinary activity with a touch of simplicity. The extended space is a breakfast table. Also, a tall storage unit near the countertop adds a more stylish look. Totus’s kitchen interior designers in Kochi use under-cabinet lights to keep your kitchen accessible and pretty!
  • Flooring enhances beauty, but choose the most appropriate flooring for your kitchen space. The kitchen interior designers in Kochi know which flooring matches your kitchen. Also, it should be affordable and easily maintainable. 

Indian-style small open kitchen designs transform your cooking space into a mini Bollywood style. Overhead cabinets, floating shelves, base cabinets, and a countertop with a built-in hob unit bring a feast to your eyes. Totus, kitchen interior designers in Kochi, design a world of possibilities in your cooking space.

The latest interior design trends are being welcomed by both the top interior designers in Kochi and users around the world. With several interior design companies in Kochi, picking the best one is paramount. If you are looking for a stylish interior design for your home, then Totus is the best choice. From the thousands of interior design companies in Kochi, Totus has a unique position in interior design.

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