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“Design is the art of thinking. Through it, we can uncover hidden opportunities and make meaningful changes. Design done right delivers the extraordinary.”


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Most designers believe their role is to create stylish environments. From our perspective, it’s much more. Totus Interiors is a new generation of Interior designers in Kerala, focused exclusively on interiors. As top interior designers in Kerala, we believe that design should develop a sense of trust between collaborators, consumers, and those who inhabit the spaces we design. Our aim is to empower and inspire those who come into contact with our work.
A space that does not suit its inhabitants is pointless. Totus Interiors, the finest interior designers in Kerala, strive to create interiors that balance each client’s sense of style and lifestyle. Our ethos of aligning WHERE you live with HOW you live is what grounds and elevates our work and makes us so popular. As top interior designers in Kerala, we have talented designers and planners whose work combines functional design and aesthetic design to produce beauty in both form and function. Being a top interior designers in Kerala, we have undertaken projects from Bangalore to Trivandrum, from new constructions to renovations.
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The working procedure…

At the initial meeting, we will determine the scope of the project, as well as discuss your specific needs, wants, and preferences. An initial budget will be developed together with you. Depending on the needs of your project, we will bring in contractors or subcontractors to provide estimates. Our team will prepare a design presentation that includes floor plans, colour schemes, and material selections.

Totus Interiors, the best interior designers kerala, team will modify and develop the plan based on your feedback. To communicate specific design solutions, we will refine drawings and materials to you or subcontractors. Also, we will update the budget. Once you approve the design concept and the overall budget, Totus Interiors, the finest Interior designers in Kerala, will finalise designs, schedules, furniture, finishes, fabric selections, and all other specifications essential to enforce the project. Additionally, we will provide you with a detailed budget during this time.

To ensure steady progress during the design phase, it is essential to maintain good communication between us and to make solid decisions on your part. During each of these phases, Totus Interiors, the top interior designers in Kerala, encourage discussion.

The Design Phases


We begin by discussing the scope of the project, the functional requirements of the space, and the aesthetic preferences of the client. Our talented in-house design team gathers materials and reviews ideas before presenting the preliminary concept to the client.


During this phase, the design team will discuss the concept with the client in order to further develop the concept. A blueprint for architectural space plans, furniture layouts, and custom options will be created based on client feedback and the project’s scope. To obtain approval from the client, our team presents these design schemes.


The design team will conclude the project by compiling selections, completing construction documents, and preparing schedules. As your trusted representative, Totus interiors, the best Interior Designers Kerala work with vendors, contractors, and team members to ensure your project runs smoothly.


Our collaboration relies heavily on thoughtful communication!

We are the captain of modern interior design and contracting!

Totus Interiors, the best Interior Designers Kerala offers you a rich medley of ideas borne out of the vast experience with interior design specialists and a support team who are eager about designing and executing your interior design needs. Vytilla, Cochin is where Totus Interiors, the best Interior designers Kerala, are based but we do commercial Interior Design and Architecture throughout Kerala. If you have a project no matter where it is, we’d love to hear about it to see what we can do for you. Connect with Totus Interiors, the finest Interior Designers in Kerala, a dominant player in the modern interior design industry.

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