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The success of interior designing is entirely dependent on how far you turn your client's vision to reality. Totus Interiors give utmost priority to client's wishes and hence you can count on us to deliver complete design and project management packages that will exceed your expectations. We make sure that our design concepts articulate your business objectives, processes, culture, brand position and future business plans.

Activities we carry out for our clients include project visioning, needs assessment, spatial planning, conceptual design development, 3D modeling, work drawings, furniture selection and specifications and project implementation.

We encourage client participation at all stages during the planning and implementation of the interior design project thus making sure that we translate your unique needs accurately into a space plan. Our goal is to deliver unique and innovative solutions that serve as a balance between aesthetics and functionality thus ensuring that we will carry through your idea from inception to the eventual use in the most perfect manner.

Services can include:

  • Design planning and execution for new, existing and remodeling projects
  • Design planning and execution for custom cabinetry (modular kitchen/wardrobe) , Modular Work station, Fixed and Movable Furniture etc.
  • Selection, specification and fixing of interior lighting and fixtures
  • Selection and putting in place decorative finishes for ceilings, walls, and floors
  • Selection, procurement and installation of furniture, artwork, and accessories
  • Landscaping
  • Procurement and installation of Accessories and Appliances
  • Selection, supervision and co-ordination of your entire design project

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